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Water Damage

room with water damage

Probably the two words we never want to hear when it comes to drywall. From years of experience in the drywall water damage arena, we have picked up on a few nifty tricks to address any water damage thrown your way. At DC Drywall Pros we know water leaks cause minor damage like stains on your drywall paint finish or lead to more severe damages like bulging in the wallboard. Not to even mention some degree of damage in between bubbling joint compound and peeling tape. Even if you think your drywall is beyond repair we will show you otherwise.

When do I need to replace it after water damage?

Resistance to water exposure is certainly not one of the drywall's strong suits. Although drywall replacement is a low-cost construction task that could easily be completed, we do encourage our clients to rather try and salvage the drywall if the damage is repairable. Limited circumstances but an option. The good news is - if you had to replace, we can do so quickly as we are qualified professionals that ensure no structural consequences to your home or business property. The only way to establish if the replacement is needed is for our experts to conduct an absorption inspection. Plus, we will be on the lookout for mold.

Mold and drywall.

When your drywall has been exposed to water it creates an ideal condition for the growth of mold. The last thing you want is a water damaged drywall panel infected by mold spores. Treating contaminated panels is no easy task, at best it is problematic. The fastest course of action for infected drywall would be to remove and replace. And with us as your replacement team, the task couldn't be completed more efficiently or cost-effectively. We will try our best to inform our clients on the best possible course of water damaged drywall action.

A few water damage facts.  

The most prevalent building material present in American homes today is drywall or otherwise known as gypsum board. Although the material scores high in flexibility, lightweight, durability, and combustibility it is prone to water damage. To keep your drywall dry, our priority is to help you identify any water sources that might lead to water damage with leaky plumbing pipes being one of the major culprits. And then there is mold prevent if drywall was exposed to water - we employ effective drying techniques initiated within the first 24 hours of exposure. Adequate air ventilation is also essential in preventing drywall replacement. It is all about how quick you react - that's a fact.

Can you paint or seal after water damage?

If wet drywall starts to become deformed or lose its structural integrity - no paint or seal will be a solution. If drywall is damaged to this extent, nothing short of replacement will permanently resolve the issue. What about discolored blotches that remain after we have managed to dry out your drywall? You can’t paint drywall until it has completely been dried with an industrial dehumidifier. If it is dry - primer is allowed. The answer is maybe, not maybe. After we have given you the green light for repainting then only may you do so. Rather let us make the water damaged decisions for you.

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