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Spray Foam Insulation

foam for thermal insulation of walls

Our drywall company is experts in spray foam insulation. That's right! SPF known as spray polyurethane foam can be used to insulate your home or office - no commercial or residential project left unsprayed. This organic product is simply injected into the areas of your building through spraying. We arrive on-site with a blending machine and spray gun to achieve designated thickness within minutes. And we know how much our partners in business dislike closing down their doors for renovations and remodeling - spray foam insulation promises no delays as the product sets on average within 20 minutes. Plus, reap all the benefits with a lower energy bill every month.


Known for its waterproofing capabilities, SPF is mostly applied in commercial and residential roofing systems. How does it work exactly? Once the experts at DC Drywall Pros apply the foam, it forms a monolithic seal over the entire roof structure instantly enhancing its insulation value and function. Although spray foam insulation is best associated with roofing systems, it works just as well where the injection is possible or an open cavity needs to be filled. With continuous developments in the insulation industry - which we always keep track of. Our team of contractors can tailor each formulation and application according to individual client needs. Simply get in touch and ask as to how.

Benefits of Spray Foam.

By using this versatile material for all your commercial and residential insulation needs you will receive not only a strengthened structure but cut down the costs of your business. Insulation if completed by our professional en experienced team will ensure that moisture and air infiltration are kept to a minimum. Plus, if your [property is properly ventilated and airflow is controlled it means your business and home assets like your AC systems will be in mint condition for many years to come. Sounds like a good investment to us. Who wouldn't want to protect the integral structures of their property whilst reducing operations costs?

What’s the price tag?

The go-to question for all our prospective clients. Seeing that spray foam is dominating the market aka it is readily available makes it a more budget-friendly alternative than other forms of insulation. As we specialize in tailoring to individual client needs, each project is unique and the same goes for the price tag. Give us a call or request a quote online and we will provide you with an estimate based on the size of the building, the amount of thickness required to achieve optimal temperature control as well as the type of spray foam you wish to insulate with. Then there are a few other things to consider like membrane fitting or if you need cavities repaired before we can spray insulate.

Close or open?

The open-cell spray is commonly used for interior insulation as the material is low in density and soft in texture. On the other hand, we have closed-cell spray foam which is much denser and thicker. Our experienced contractors will advise you on which is best for your building as we are clued up on all Washington building code ordinances. Closed-cell spray foam has a much higher R-value per inch than its most commonly used open-cell counterpart. It all boils down to why you need your walls, attic, cavities, roof decks, and basement walls insulated. We support our clients during the decision-making process. Finally an insulation company you can trust.

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