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Interior & Exterior Painting

man paints the ceiling

Nothing says remodeled or renovated like a new fresh coat of paint. Whether you require an exterior or exterior paint job - we instantly enhance the value of your commercial or residential property with our impressive painting products and solutions. Many companies claim to be the best in Washington, DC - we truly are. Our claim is backed by our high-quality painting products, tools, and techniques. Gladly browse through our previous painting projects and you will notice how the end-results speak volumes. Not impressed yet? You will certainly be when we arrive at your property with our color spectrum for a thorough consultation. Book one today!

We crown and trim too.

It seems fairly easy to pick up a paintbrush and DIY. This might be true for small patches not very visible to the naked eye. It is not true for crown molding. At DC Drywall Pros we believe in achieving elegance for all our molding and trim painting endeavors. The only way we know how is through preparation and planning. Not only will we take care of those vast and stretchy wall areas, but we do also pay attention to the finer painting details in and around your property. Why should you choose us for all your painting projects? Because we know how important it is to mask ceilings and walls before dipping that paintbrush.

Interior painting.

We firmly ascribe to the notions of revitalizing and updating. These are the reasons you need a new paint job. Let our trained and expert team of painters give your interior the appearance it longs for. Plus, we are so professional we will never expect our clients to move their belongings before we arrive at your home or office. We have a full-proof reshuffling plan that works and minimizes any disruptions to your day-to-day functioning. The specialists in painting for new tenant move-ins, office remodeling, and just a good old fashioned home makeover. Our painting services are vast as we proudly accept any type of painting request thrown our way. Call us and request!


One of our more popular services requested by business property owners and home renovators alike. Seeing that it is such a frequent request from our clients, you can with confidence do the same. With your property being your most valuable asset, we promise to never disappoint with our exterior paint. From gloss to glamour within days - your facade will be runway ready. We even tackle fences, patios, verandas, and much much more, ensuring that all parts of your property's exterior blends. Get in touch with one of our exterior experts today and we will demonstrate how we can transform your exteriors whilst achieving budgeting goals.

How we paint.

We check, check, and check and we check one final time before any paint is put to brush. Your vision is our aim. From distressed to glossy, we achieve exceptional interior and exterior painting results. Did someone say seal? Yes, indeed. We ensure surfaces achieve that uniform look by applying the right amount of coats and finishing it off in style. There are a few crucial steps we adhere to during the painting process like scraping off any flakes or built-up before any primer is applied. Painting is truly an art and art our experts have mastered over the years. Check-in and we will demonstrate to impress.

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