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Drywall Cracks & Holes

man repairing the wall

No matter how well you maintain your drywall it is not indestructible. Overtime toughness descends into areas that need patching aka cracks or holes. What are your options? Patch. At DC Drywall Pros your customers or neighbors would never be able to tell the difference between a patch or a brand new drywall installation. Could our drywall services get any better than this? From repairs to installations to coats of paint. And now - cracks and holes too? We do cover all the drywall bases, services we have perfected for many years and now available to all our prospective clients. We handle it all - notice any unsightly damages in your drywall? Give us a call.

Why our patching doesn’t stand out.

For you to pass your drywall and notice no signs of patching, we employ only the best materials and tools out there. That is the only way we can guarantee that patching doesn't stand out. From filler for small holes and scratched to a mesh backing for larger holes and cracks. Plus, we understand how important reinforcements are for keeping a surface defect-free and how it offers an extra layer of strength. When patching holes and cracks or minimizing scratch visibility this is the instance where you don't want your drywall standing out from the crowd.


By hiring our professional team for all your drywall patching needs you never have to worry about dangerous electrical wiring. We know where to work to best avoid any electrical accidents when filling those holes and cracks. Rather call us not only for our professional and dedicated service but to ensure the safety of your family and employees when giving your drywall a facelift. We have seen many patching jobs gone haywire as contractors have neglected to observe the wiring before tackling a hole and crack fill up. We will never compromise your safety in such a manner as it is our main priority.

Don’t skim on sanding.

There is no need to rush when faced with a hole, scratch, or crack. Sanding is probably the most crucial step in repairing holes and cracks and should therefore never be skipped or rushed. If you want it looking all new and fancy, then you should trust our expert opinion in this regard. A few weeks down the line flaws or post-job defects will begin to surface. Our expert residential and commercial contractors never underestimate the sanding preparation needed to complete patching correctly. Therefore we can guarantee our clients a fix that is as good as new.

Wiring is not the only safety concern.

As stated a million times over - we refuse to compromise when it comes to the safety of our staff and the safety of our clients. Drywall in smaller particles can be extremely toxic if inhaled. It attacks the lungs and will have major health consequences. This is one of the reasons we have equipped our contractors with safety suits, masks, gloves, and all. If our commitment and measures to drywall safety have not convinced you to choose us as your partner in drywall cracks and holes, we are not sure what will. We inspect, protect, and fix as no other drywall company could.

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